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Download any audio or video file with just one click from the world’s biggest video site (Youtube to mp3 download). Video and mp3 converting (downloader) service for free! Download video (mp4) or audio files to your mobile, your tablet or your personal computer to be able to listen to them whenever you wish later from your playlist. (You can read about music downloader below.)

To start your download, you’ll have to copy the URL link (beginning with https:// ) of the requested file to the box above, then click on the ’Convert’ button to actually start it. If you wish to download a video file instead of an audio file, change the signature to ’mp3’ at the bottom of the box, right before starting the process.

VidToMP3 (youtube to mp3 converter and mp3 downloader ), among other things, is a webpage, presenting brand This service enables you to download audio and video files that can be found below some videos in mp3/mp4 format.
Please, bear in mind that downloading copyrigthed audio or video without authority (including some music downloading) is strictly prohibited! You are only allowed to have resort to the webpage by understanding the laws of the Terms and Conditions!

Youtube to mp3 music download for free?

As a supplement for the page, we are planning to make out a comprehensive, personal music download list where we will already have the permission of the author, and this list will contain the greatest hits. However, it demands a lot of leg-work from our side, too, so we need your patience here. We are going to reach out to some performers who are considered to be popular nowadays to enquire about the facility of having the permission for downloading some of their songs for free, and if so, which ones of them. It is a great marketing possibilty for them as well to get even more famous and to attract larger amount of people to their concerts and performances.


Music download

What can I do until then?

Until our list is ready, we strongly recommend you use a music playlist – which can be downloaded for free – for the mp3 downloads already created by an external possessor. You can reach this website by clicking here. Inasmuch as an author gives you their explicit permission to download their opuses, you can access the content made by them on the internet out of your own will. In as far as you don’t have their authority, you are not allowed to use this youtube downloader and converter for such purposes.

About the establishment of the page

This website is not connected to any Google services. In other words, this downloader and converter service is not the product of Google. It is a private service which enables Youtube download as well. The aim of this page was to spread to users the main rules in Engish related to the operator services presented in the Terms and Conditions, for the sake of confining piracy. Hereby, the point of such a Youtube to mp3 downloader service will get to as many people as possible.

Youtube to mp3 download, mp3 downloader

If you have any question, please, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us on any day of the week, independently of the time. We will react as soon as possible! Inasmuch as you have a problem with the converter – downloader service, please, look for the operator of the service in the first place. Try to get in touch with them. Their current contact information will always be found on the ’Terms and Conditions’ menu. If you would like to help us arranging the free mp3 music download list, and if you are willing to help us get in touch with the artists, we appreciate your enthusiasm and we gladly accept the help offered!

You have your own song? Please, write me!

You are an assignee yourself? You recognized the facilty of marketing, and you would like to have your name and your song’s title shown at the webpage in the list of the songs which can be downloaded free of charge? We are waiting for your apply!
Let us generate you further popularity by the Youtube to mp3 downloader service! All you have to do is let people have access to some of your songs for free! Please, let us know if you agree to the use of downloading in video format and downloading music for free. For example: music download for mobile for free.

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